Friday, August 1, 2014

Push and Pull

It has been an interesting few months. By some miracle I have managed to keep on tract with writing almost everyday, though not on the pieces I expected.
I am still trying to find traction with New Earth Six, I can feel the story there, I still have ideas cropping up of where to take the characters, but I have not been able to motivate myself to sit down and pound it out.I finally finished editing the hard copy of NE6 Part 1, but have not done the computer edits and formatting.
Perhaps it isn't about finding motivation, because my writing method is an odd process that circles back on itself.
Prime example: I dropped my zombie novel for months, finally coming back to it last week with a clear road map to the novel's end. Before that happened I penned out sixty plus pages of long hand for a new YA series and started a horror mini series on wattpad.
Madhouse: Lunacy

I have yet to find a suitable beginning for my long time brainchild series but I have started keeping a notebook of scenes and ideas. Someday it will come to fruition with the other plots I have been sitting on for years. I theorize it just needs enough time to stew in my imagination before coming to life.
I might even find a way to fix my white whale, the YA novel that has been sitting in flux on my editing shelf for years.
I have so many unfinished projects, so many beginnings without endings it is discouraging. I think if I can finish one project this summer, others will start falling into place, like dominoes, and then I will have tons of full drafts to fiddle with.